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In various legal systems, a lawyer’s duties are very diverse. An attorney can be categorized as an advocate, government lawyer, attorney, barrister, canon lawyer, civil law notary, counsel, counsellor, solicitor, legal executive, or public servant, each with unique responsibilities and rights.


In order to effectively handle particular issues, a lawyer’s work typically entails the practical application of abstract legal ideas and expertise.

As a lawyer, you must have significant understanding of the law, legal systems, and procedural rules to perform their work. Injury attorneys are tasked with protecting the innocent and fighting for their rights, much like physicians are accountable for saving lives by performing surgery on patients. By meticulously and honestly outlining their case, attorneys are those who show judges the way of justice.

I selected this line of work because I love upholding the law, safeguarding the innocent, and guiding clients toward the best course of action in business or other legal frameworks.

My father always wanted me to succeed in a career as an advocate, as he spent a lot of time working in the legal profession before retiring.

He is the most influent able person in my life because of the close bond that we have. He always helped me to recognize my advantages as well as the importance of justice and the ability to resolve conflicts.

In order to fulfil my goal of starting my own legal firm in the United Arab Emirates, I had to overcome several obstacles and go through many experiences.

In September 2015, I have created Al Eadala Advocates and Legal Consultancy, under the incorporation named Moderni FZ LLE 7380/2015, established in Creative City Fujairah under the governance of United Arab Emirates. Since then, our clientele database has grown to include a variety of individuals and corporations.

Al Eadala Advocates and Legal Consultancy played a key role assisting Al Hamra Military Security Supplies and Equipment’s Sole Proprietorship L.L.C. in their participation in IDEF 2023 – International Defence Industry Fair Istanbul, Republic of Türkiye. Al Eadala Advocates and Legal Consultancy, have managed to connect Al Hamra Military Security Supplies and Equipment’s, with both, international clients and suppliers.

Furthermore, Mrs. Raluca-Florentina Coleasa (Al Blooshi) with her international legal skills and experience, together with the administrative team, assisted Al Hamra Military Security Supplies and Equipment’s in accomplishing their participation targets efficiently and effectively.