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24-Hour UAE Legal Agreements Drafting in Dubai

The purpose of a draft contract is to help the parties agree on the key terms of their agreement before they start work or make any financial bindings.

The contract will enter into force once finalized and signed by both parties. 

For all types of business, contracts, agreements and transaction documents are a crucial and fundamental component of doing business.

These formal, frequently intricate legal documents must have the appropriate clauses to withstand lawsuits.

Our experts in Al Eadala Advocates and Legal Consultancy are having more years of experience in drafting any types of contracts, more particularly in the commercial field.

Highly skilled attorneys specialised in a wide range of practice areas are now at your disposal, to ensure the protection of your terms and conditions. 

It is often recommended to have written contracts with clients, suppliers, partners, key workers, third party providers and governmental entities even though verbal agreements are sometimes legally enforceable. 

The Civil Transaction Law, Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 (The Civil Code) which is founded on Sharia principles, governs business contracts in the United Arab Emirates.

All parties to a contract are required to act honestly and fairly, according to the Civil Code codification of the factor of good faith, which is a fundamental aspect of all commercial contracts.