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Draft of Wills. Notarisation. Attestation. Legal Translation

The draft of will in the United Arab Emirates is regulated by two federal laws: Federal Law No. 5, concerning the issuance of Civil Transactions Law of the UAE and Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 regarding the UAE Personal Status Law.

It is important to note that the laws governing wills in the United Arab Emirates can be complex and the regulations vary depending on the emirate in which the will is being registered but also if Muslim or non-Muslim.

We recommend that if your will is registered in one of the Emirates to also proceed with its registration at Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. 

Draft of wills, power of attorney, affidavits, contracts, property deeds and business agreements are just a few of the many documents we specialise in notarizing.

Your paperwork will be thoroughly examined by our notaries, who will also confirm its validity and issue the required certification, giving you the assurance that it is legally binding.

If you have documents that are not in the local language, we can help you by providing translation services.

Then we can get the documents notarised to confirm their legality in the United Arab Emirates.

Legal terminology experts make up part of our team of qualified translators, providing the best calibre of translations.

We can translate

  • Arabic – English,
  • Arabic – Spanish,
  • Arabic – Italian,
  • Arabic- French,
  • Arabic- Hindi,
  • Arabic- Persian,
  • Arabic-Romanian
  • and all vice versa.

We are the first destination into providing attestation services and help you with the process if you need your documents to be attested for international usage.

With the experience of our team in handling document attestation for a variety of reasons, including immigration, employment, education you will receive the right support.

In order for your documents to be accepted globally, our experts will make sure that they are correctly attested by the required authorities. 

Al Eadala Advocates and Legal Consultancy offers now express online notarisation services 24 hours, hassle free solutions for all your notarization needs at any time.

Our group of knowledgeable and experienced notaries is committed to providing thorough support to guarantee that your papers are validly notarized and adhere to all applicable legal standards.