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Legal Mediation in the United Arab Emirates Legal System in Dubai

The mediation represents parts reconciliation thru agreed terms and conditions, as well as handling any disputes arising in an amiable way, in between the parties, without proceeding with arbitration or litigation.

These committees aim to solve the disputes in a peaceful and amiable way by avoiding the burden of judicial taxes.

Nowadays, mediation tools should play an important role in personal matters, providing parts reconciliation thru counselling sessions.

Concluding a mediation, it means to bring a settlement into disputes agreed by all the parties implied.

Mediation is increasingly being used in the United Arab Emirates as an alternative to litigation. 

The regulations that support mediation are stipulated under the Federal Law No. 6 of 2021 (Mediation for the Settlement of Civil and Commercial Disputes).

If You are considering mediation in the United Arab Emirates, you should keep in mind that it is mandatory to choose an experienced mediator carefully, to be prepared to make a compromise in order to reach a solution and also to be open in considering mediator suggestions.