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24-Hour Online Legal Counselling in Dubai

1-hour Session | One subject

People with modest incomes who are involved in legal issues may receive a low-cost legal consultation online or personally from Al Eadala Advocates and Legal Consultancy. 

Depending on the circumstances of the dispute our team might lead you on how to close your dispute and clear your status.

Or we might refer you to one of our attorneys that is specialised in the field or maybe even a volunteer lawyer if your clause does not require seniors attorneys. 

If you are seeking to sue someone, have an immigration issue or a criminal case, that might imply international treaties, a legal counsel can’t represent you in front of the authorities but they can offer you advice based on their legal systems research into your clause.

For these types of issues, you need a specialised attorney that can offer assistance in other states, international law specialised attorney. 

The legal counselling sessions at Al Eadala Advocates and Legal Consultancy, are for an one-hour time for one subject and the advice and information that are being given by our experts should be noted in the time of the session.

Other questions that are not related to the clause and questions repeated after the session might not receive answers, therefore you should collect the entire information related to your situation.

While in a legal session the client should be clear about his legal issue and what he is hoping to achieve, this will help the legal counsellor to offer the best possible advice.